Sacred Sites day pilgrimage

Day pilgrimage with Don’a Micaela Don Rafael, Marakames

It is with great honour that I invite you to come and join in a pilgrimage walk to sacred site with Don’a Micaela and Don Rafael, Marakames from the Wixarrika Nation,the guardians of the Deer Medicine Hikuri…

We are blessed to bring them to Africa and even more blessed to connect them with our indigenous healers and wisdom keepers on ancient lands to bring offerings and pray together.

The intentions of this Pilgrimage to the sacred sites on our Journey through Southern Africa is to leave offerings and pray for healing for our Mother Earth, Her Waters, Soils and Trees and all our Animal Family and for healing the wounds of our country and the deep division still present…

The pilgrimage will be lead by the amazing Dean Liprini

Medium fitness (approx 40min walking).
Children welcome.
10am – 2pm.
Meet DIRECTLY at the bottom of 20th Ave, Fish Hoek
Park next to the Fish Hoek Sports Field
Cost R300 pp children under 13 free.
Please RSVP via SMS : 0794048762
Limited space available for this hike, please confirm via EFT to secure your place.
Bank Details:
FNB First National Bank
Bank Account Number: 62555350124
Branch Code 250655

Below some info on the Marakames who we will have the honour of welcoming in our beautiful Country.

Micaela Tkarima, was born 45 years ago in the Wixarika community of Tateikie in the remote mountains of Sierra Madre in North Mexico. She has 20 years keeping the tradition in different ceremonial centers, from a young age (11 years old) she received the charge of keeping the sacred Corn for 5 years in a ceremonial center, doing the offerings and pilgrimages in all sacred sites of the Wixarika world. Actually she have an important charge in a main ceremonial center. She is a Medicine woman that is keeping the tradition strongly and standing for the femenine work in this path. Is a strong support for the Moon dance in Costa Rica. Happy mother of 4 kids, is also a farmer and artisan, she have been leading ceremonies and offerings together with Elder Marakate all over the Wixarika Sacred places, throught Mexico and recently since 3 years ago in the sacred sites in Europe.

Don Xuturitemai Rafael Pizano was born in 1953 in the Sierra Madre Mountains of North West Mexico, in the Community of Kuyauneneme. From a young age he begin dreaming that he learn the Marakame (Wixarika Healer) way. When he was 13 years old, he got his first charge in the ceremonial center, as part of the group he had to pilgrim and do the offerings in all sacred places for 5 years. After that initiation he have had many charges in different ceremonial centers in the wixarika community of Tateikie. Don Rafael is a Healer and Herbalist, and a ritual ceremonial musician. In the Wixarika culture the Marakame are the ones in charge of healing the people and ‘dealing’ with the spirits and elementals throught their chants, Don Rafeal is a Marakame that heal and conduct ceremonies. Is one of the most respected elders in the community. Some years ago, he cooperate with the Antropologist Mariana Fresan, and he wrote a book in which he ‘registred’ his life, the book name is ‘susurros de la Montana’ (mountain whispers).

Don Rafael lives actually with his wife in the WIxarika cimmunity of Tateikie, where he still active with his spiritual commitments in the ceremonial center as an elder pilgrim supporting the ceremonial group. He have 4 Sons, 21 grandsons and 3 great grandsons.

Pamparios and Blessings