Day Trips

Day walks are a great opportunity to explore the various sites in the Cape Peninsula, which is for some of us, is on our doorstep. We also have special events to honour these sites during significant times of the calendar particularly Full Moon, Solstice, Equinox & also during Eclipses. For the times, dates and meeting places of these events click here.

For Groups, unless specially requested, there are 5 standard Sacred Site Day Walks or Hikes which can be arranged into a tour for your group visiting Cape Town. Please contact us to tailor-make a tour which suits your visit.

Day Walks to Sacred Sites of Southern Africa

Sacred Sites

Pyramid with all seeing eye – Glencairn, Cape Peninsula

Low Fitness – 3 hour tour.
A short, 20-minute hike up the sandy track from the car park to the site. All ages are welcome on this easy to access sacred site with a short walk. We visit a 50ft crystalline Pyramidal Marker stone – seen here capturing the setting sun on the Summer Solstice sunset through a hole at its apex called the “all seeing eye”. We also explore the sacred geometry and earth energies in this valley using dowsing rods.


Sacred Sites

Great burial cave, crystal tunnel, and ascension cave
Sun Valley, Cape Peninsula

Medium Fitness – 3 hour tour.
Walk on a sandy path with a gradual gradient with a 40 min hike from the car park to the cave site. This crystal tunnel cave is 27ft in diameter, and a must-do experience if you want a spectacular view of a unique sacred cave site! In Sun Valley, near Fish Hoek, lies Peers Cave – a prehistoric burial cave where more than 14 human Khoi skeletons were removed from their ancient resting place. Above is the ‘Cave of Ascension’, a ritual cave of rebirth and fertility. This is one of the Cape’s most sacred caves which is toured frequently due to its popularity.


Sacred Sites logies rocks

Fertility caves, the Great Motherstone, and Logies rocks
Llandudno beach, Cape Peninsula

Low Fitness – 2 to 3 hour tour.
A 20-minute walk from Llandudno beach car park, we take a good two to three hours to visit all the rocks on this small peninsula. All ages are welcome on this easy to access sacred site. Come and explore this magical place of ritual where earth, sea, and sky meet at the westernmost point of the Cape Peninsula. Honoured by the ancients as the sleeping place of the Sun, where it symbolically died. Here are caves and archaeologically significant 4000-year-old shell middens used by the ancient people. This is an easy walk that everyone can do and is great fun for kids. We will share the archaeologists’ findings and lead you through these sacred caves, still steeped with the spirit of the ancestors, while you experience the power and beauty of the ‘Great Motherstone’.


Sacred Sites lions head

Watchman’s Cave, and Granite Skull – Lions Head, Table Mountain

Medium Fitness – 4 hour tour.
A steady climb up the slope of Lion’s Head to reach two ancient sacred sites. Join us on this four hour hike to explore this incredible granite rock skull which acts as an “observatory” to the stars & sun, and the Lion’s Head Watchman’s Cave nearby. We explore the earth energies and Ley Lines that surround this area. Here on Lion’s Head lies a sacred guardian, a 10 ft granite head facing south with an eyehole aligned perfectly due west to capture the setting sun. Above on the neck of Lion’s Head Mountain lies the Watchman’s Cave, believed to be used by the early Shamans and Healers.


Sacred Sites suikerbossie

Suikerbossie Cave & Equinox Rocks – Hout Bay, Cape Peninsula

Medium Fitness – 3 hour tour.
A steady climb up the slope on Suikerbossie to reach two ancient Sacred Sites. Join us on this three hour hike to explore this incredible granite Equinox rock which acts as an “observatory” to the Equinox sunrise and sunset, and the Suikerbossie Watchman’s Cave nearby. We explore the earth energies and Ley Lines in this area. Suikerbossie houses a sacred guardian, a 1ft granite tripod stone with openings to the East & the West, to perfectly capture the alignment of the rising & the setting sun on the Equinox in March & September each year. Above on the neck of Little Lion’s Head (Suikerbossie) mountain lies the Equinox Watchman’s Cave, used by the early Shamans and Healers.


DAY JOURNEY with Dean Liprini

An energetic overview of the Sacred Sites of the Cape Peninsula,
A visit to 3 of the most Sacred Sites on the Cape Peninsula.

Morning Sacred Site Experience

In Sun Valley, near Fish Hoek, lies Peers Cave – a prehistoric burial cave where more than 14 human Khoisan skeletons were removed from their ancient resting place. Above is the Tunnel Cave known by many as the ‘Cave of Ascension’, believed to be a ritual cave of rebirth and fertility, mimicking the sacred birth canal of mother earth. Here an honoring of the union between father sun and mother earth, occurs at the time of the Summer Solstice when the two are in perfect alignment. These two caves are the Cape Peninsulas most sacred Caves and are in the Lower Heart Chakra Energy Center of the Cape Peninsula

I will share with you not only about the physical and historical aspects of this cave, but also insights to the spirit, nature and energy that enshrine this special place. I will prepare through the day a shamanic tea for the group, from the healing plants in the area. In the great burial cave “Peers Cave” you will also see some of the only Rock Art paintings that are found on the Cape Peninsula. Dean will also share his local knowledge of the edible and healing aspects of the sacred plants that are found in this area.

Medium Fitness = 2 to 3 hour experience.

We will walk up a stepped path with a gradual gradient, 40 min hike from the start point to the Sacred burial cave site. The crystal tunnel cave, “Ascension Cave” is nearby a further 20min walk, an amazing crystalline quartzitic tunnel cave, 27ft in diameter, a megalithic healing stone and a must do experience if you want a spectacular view and a unique energetic experience. A place your soul can take flight.

We descend for a picnic style buffet lunch

Pictures below show “Ascenesion Cave” and the Summer solstice sunset sacred Union.

Sacred Sites sound healing
Sacred Sites

Afternoon Sacred Site Experience
The Pyramid All Seeing Eye Rock

We visit a 50ft crystalline Pyramidal Markerstone – seen here capturing the setting sun on the Summer Solstice sunset through a hole at its apex the “all seeing eye”. This Ancient Marker stone which also alignes to the Summer Solstice Sunset – Marks the Solar Plexus Energy Center of the Cape Peninsula, a Solar, Fire and Male symbol. We will merge with the energy field of this sacred stone by entering the sacred space a shelter beneath the Base of this Pyramid fully CENTERED and TUNED in to the Apex/Tip of the Pyramid at the Sun’s most powerful time, 11am to 1pm when the Sun’s Rays are directly overhead and have the most direct impact with our Mother Earth and the Pyramid Stone. I will be guiding you through a sound atunement chakra balancing technique, using the notes that correspond to each Chakra, to bring us into balance and alignment with our energy centres and the cosmic energies of the moment.

I will also prepare some energy tea from surrounding herbs, that will include the collective song of the moment, physical,emotional,spiritual,cosmic, we will take this time to reconnect, and re-energize the Power Center within Us, giving us the added strength, courage to Walk our Talk and overcome any fears we may have…

Low Fitness – short distance, about 20 minute hike up sandy track from car park to site, 2 to 3 hour experience.

This is a fully inclusive day journey so please feel free to bring whatever you feel appropriate to form part of the occasion. Bring water, a piece of fruit and a snack bar. I will be helping facilitate a sense of Oneness and I am open to seeding individual and collective prayers and intentions, within these sacred places….for ourselves, humanity and our earth. So come and Be, Enjoy and Embrace this Sacred Day.

I look forward to our sharing……..Namaste’ Dean

Full day tours can be arranged with Dean Liprini
+27(0)79 404 8762


Group Tours

We have local Cape Town tours for groups and community organizations which visit several of the Table Mountain sacred sites over one, or several days. If your group has a special interest, some rituals and ceremonies as well as deep meditation work can included in the tour.

These sacred site day tours are a wonderful addition to your visit to Cape Town, imbuing you with a deeper understanding of the Table Mountain National Park and these ancient sites. Visitors learn about the culture, edible and medicinal wild foods, storytelling, myths and legends, beliefs and the connection to the sun, moon & stars.

A sacred sites day tour can even be arranged as an add-on to your existing tour, and schools & youth clubs can be accommodated at low costs in the Fish Hoek area. Tour groups can also be accommodated in local hotels & bed & breakfast venues, while transport & guides are arranged on your behalf.

If you want to go back to a time when drumbeats filled the air, we offer 10 to 17 day local and countrywide tours, also 5 – 7 day Western Cape Tour, or a 3 day Cape Town tour. Please contact us with your group requirements & we will tailor-make a tour to suit you times, as well as your budget.