About the foundation

Our Objective

The Sacred Site Foundation of Southern Africa’s key objective is the protection of ancient sacred sites through community custodianship initiatives. They bring together the necessary intellect and resources in the country to advance the existing and new fields of study, including that of archeoastronomy in Southern Africa.

Our Role

Earth and all life is sacred

Southern Africa’s ancient & prehistoric Sacred Sites are being degraded at an alarming rate. We aim to give priority to scientific research and monitoring, and provide community linked staffing for such Sacred Site projects.

There is a growing interest in, and understanding of, the need to preserve South Africa’s heritage and multi-cultural legacy and gratifyingly, Africa’s vast indigenous knowledge systems continue to receive recognition with the many archaeological discoveries that have focused attention on the ancient history of Southern Africa.

We are forming community links with the Khoi and San heritage groups around Cape Town & South Africa, these cultural links being important to the global family. Our research, mapping & community custodianship projects are an important part of the preservation of these Sacred Sites.

The Foundation

The Sacred Site Foundation of Southern Africa (SSFSA) was registered as a Not for Profit Organisation in March 2012 to achieve self-sustaining funding to protect ancient & prehistoric Sacred Sites around Table Mountain, the Western Cape & Southern Africa. Our financing is supported by income from our international supporters and sacred site tours donated by Sacred Sites Tours.

It has established itself through 10 years of volunteer driven group work, lead by author & researcher Dean Liprini in Cape Town. We are supporting the research and development of groundbreaking environmental and conservation projects in Southern Africa, where we are collating research on each site, whilst working alongside scientists & academic experts in geology, archaeology, astronomy, anthropology, archeoastronomy & environmental resource management.

Our Vision & Mission

To be a collection of people of varied skill, expertise and perspectives, mindful of and dedicated to preventing the desecration of sacred sites in Southern Africa. To research, protect and develop already endangered high-impact sacred sites to a standard which we all can be proud of. To achieve this by including all stakeholders – academic, religious, spiritual and cultural: thus forming a sustainable infrastructure, which will then create ongoing employment and product development in the Arts and the context of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Conservation sectors in Southern Africa. In so doing, we will honour and uplift the spirit of Southern Africa and its people.