Full Moon Gatherings – monthly in Cape Town

Full moon gatherings & ceremonies are added regularly to our events calendar. These are held at specific Sacred Sites dotted around Table Mountain, each site forms part of the sacred “Diamond Grid of Light” of the ancient people who lived here from prehistoric times.

During these walks, we share more on the significance of these sites and the reasons for using those particular sacred spaces for our meditations and prayers at that time. We also utilize the astrological / astronomical events surrounding the full moon to prepare herbal teas to further harmonize ourselves with the event and the surrounding “songlines”.

Nature herself teaches us of the perfect harmony and the union of the opposites as the sun and moon are perfectly aligned. For a moment they hold a state of balance, while we experience a position of centeredness, holding fulcrum between these two powerful forces – an awesome experience of the Yin and Yang.

Times, dates and meeting place can be found on the events calendar. These gatherings request a donation towards the work done by the Sacred Sites Foundation of Southern Africa (we suggest a R100 donation per person).

Summer & Winter Solstice plus Equinox Gatherings
– every year in Cape Town

During the time of the Summer Solstice (time of “Great Light”), one can truly feel the effects of our “Father Sun = our Fire of Life” as the yang rays embrace much of our Mother Earth. This Union brings forth an abundance of life and song, with multitudes of food and warmth for All.

The Ancient people around the globe recognized this special time of abundance and performed ceremonies to honour the greatness of the occasion, the turning of the Sun as it reaches its peak, the longest day or the highest zenith that it will reach that year.

Cape Town is at this time of the year literally “the land of the setting sun” and I believe was recognized as such and was a place of pilgrimage for many, over thousands of years. So as the fruits and grass seeds that feed us all ripen … we too need to pay our respects to the GREAT SPIRIT the God Force / Life Source of ALL.

Times, Dates and Meeting Place will be found on the events calendar.