Dean Liprini hosts a Shamanic Adventure like no other

This journey is available to no more than 10 people please contact me directly by SMS or WhatsApp if you wish to join: Dean 0794048762

Shared accommodation R3500
Single accommodation R4200
includes all daily teachings and experiences, transport, food, accommodation.

Dates: Oct 1st, 2nd, & 3rd.

1st Oct

We head for the hills…Sacred Bushmans Kloof is calling, alive with the spirit and song of the bushman people and shamans past and present, steeped with the spirit of the animals, sacred rocks, mountains and rivers. Heading out of Cape Town up the West Coast of South Africa, on route to the Sacred Bushman’s Valley, it is here the ancient one’s experienced the Sacred Path finders, the elephants and the Great Wisdom Keepers. We stop at the San Bushman cultural center !Khwa Ttu to meet the San People and listen to the ancient language and stories. We enter the sacred Bushmans Valley late afternoon. Here we will spend two nights and fully immerse ourselves surrounded by the nature of rock, flower, animal and Bushman magic. We overnight in farm style cottages. Before Sunset we will walk the trail to experience the land and the shamanic rock paintings left by these ancient people.

They knew much of the nature of Heaven and Earth and had an open communication with the Stars. Here I will teach a form of meditation to help access the Star communication portal that is here. We will visit the two GOLDEN ELEPHANTS that have been ceremoniously positioned to capture the last golden rays of Sunset. We will align ourselves and go into meditation to communicate with these great wisdom keepers and their memories…what sounds and songs will they encourage us to sing? Fireside Dinner and Animal Circle Dance with story telling.

2nd Oct

Early morning river meditation and sun greeting, working with Earth, Water, Breath, Sound and Light, remembering Rainbow magic. We walk the trail. I will share some of the amazing rock art and share insights to their alignments to the sun, moon and stars. This sacred valley, next to the (Brandewyn) Brandy Wine River is the ancient passageway and migratory path of the great elephants. We share another awesome Bushmans Valley Sunset meditation, and a night by the fire experiencing the stars and Milky Way, that shine so bright it feels you can reach out and touch them. This will be an experience you will never forget!

3rd Oct

We follow the path of the Elephants from the Bushmans Valley to Verloeren Vlei and the seaside village and hot surf spot, Elands Bay. Here at the Elands Bay baboon point is a great Bushman Mother cave, we will head up to the cave for an afternoon meditation experience, again I will share deeper insights to the paintings, that I have gained over many years of my research.
After Lunch we head for Paarl Mountain – “Sacred Hippo Fertility Cave and Seed of Light”– We travel back toward Cape Town to the historic wine estates between Paarl Mountain, Franschoek and Stellenbosch, the famous wine lands. We experience a vortex created by the convergence of two great mountain ranges. We will visit the Sacred Hippo Womb Cave on the great Paarl (Pearl) Rock I have called the “seed of light and hope” this is a massive megalithic Earth Temple honoring the fertility of our Earth Mother and Father Sun, here we pay our respects to the ancients.
Light dinner in Paarl, then we head back, dropping everyone off at home approx. 9pm

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Branch Code: 250655
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Date: Oct 1 at 9 AM – Oct 3 at 9 PM
Venue: Sacred Bushmans Kloof
RSVP: Dean 0794048762