Cathedral Rock, Keurboomstrand, Garden Route Mountains

Cathederal Rock, Keurboomstrand, Garden Route

The locals know this area as The Arch Rock, it is a 30min walk from the beachfront carpark. The SSFSA are planning a signage intiative at this site to bring public awareness to the sacredness of this site. We are aiming to create jobs by training custodians & guides from the Plettenberg Bay & The Crags community nearby, to help facilitate groups visiting this important site, to ensure a “Tread Lightly” conciousness and appropriate protocols are maintained. We have already approached the Robberg & The Crags community, and this discussion is ongoing. Please contact us if you are living in this area & wish to be involved in this Community Custodianship programe.

If you would like to support and sponsor these Community Custodian Guides training, please go to our Donation page.

ARCHAEOLOGICAL RESEARCH: Cathederal Rock, Keurboomstrand, Garden Route

The Cathederal Rock site is a burial site & is officially recorded as the deepest dated Shell Midden in the world. This site has been researched by archaeologists. Amongst their findings were red ochre, ochre stained grinding stone, pottery & beads, and shell middens. One can see these shell middens outside the cave entrances.

SPIRITUAL SIGNIFICANCE & INTERPRETATION: Cathederal Rock, Keurboomstrand, Garden Route

Archaeoastronomical research by Dean Liprini shows that the Cathederal Rock (Arch Rock) is a massive holed stone which would have had spiritual significance & seen to hold magical properties by the ancient people living in this area from prehistoric times. The Cathederal Rock represents the female birth canal and the central hole faces perfectly due North & South, so that it captures the Sun & the Moon allignment at midday. When the light of the midday sun or the moonlight passes through the hole, it reflects down in the archway that is often filled with sea water, and can be seen as a “seed of light” entering the womb of the Mother and the primal womb & waters of the ocean.

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