We live the historical and archaeological history of these incredible places that are rich in metaphysical meaning, tapping into the cultures that held them proud as our journey maps these sacred places of worship, burial, birth, some enshrined in a magic layer that whispers to you of the spiritual teachers of yesteryear.
Sacred Sites is proudly associated with National Geographic photographer and anthropologist Martin Gray – www.sacredsites.com.

Sacred Sites
Sacred Sites
Sacred Sites
Sacred Sites
Sacred Sites pilgrimage
Sacred Sites

Our foundation explores the diversity of what was and is sacred to our heritage. With key research carefully sifting through ancient layers of lives, we embrace the historical communities in custodianship initiatives for these sites – bringing man, nature and culture together in the protection of mankindโ€™s birth right.The Sacred Sites Foundation is uncovering & conserving a critical area of the Southern African rich cultural landscape… its sacred sites.

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Explore Sacred Sites, and follow our route as we map them throughout Southern Africa.

Each pin will offer you a quick glance into the historical & archaeological story, with insights into the metaphysical
of each sacred space to their historical community, who today are their custodians.

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