Sacred Sites spiritual

Sacred Sites play a role in spiritual and metaphysical research, which strives to explain existence.

South Africa, home to a world of sacred spaces from some of the earliest traces of human existence, is a country rich in spirit and culture that pre-dates any organised form of worship or religion. It’s impossible to visit some of these spaces without feeling intrinsically connected in some way that goes beyond our isolated modern notion of the individual. Spirituality and metaphysics are, essentially, the study of this unexplainable connection, founded on the belief that we are all connected in ways we do not understand.

Science exists in an effort to explain what makes up our universe. Psychology exists in an effort to understand the intricacies of society and the human mind. Yet in both of these fields, there remain a few facts that are, simply put, unexplainable through modern knowledge. We know that everything is made out of atoms, but no scientist can explain why those atoms ever joined together to form life. We made massive advances through the industrial revolution, and yet it has marked a steady rise in depression as a result of the dissolving of communities. There is no denying that there is more to life than the flesh and the ego, or a cluster of carbon, nitrogen and oxygen.

Spiritual research strives to identify the intangible, acknowledge the existence of a greater connection, and to prove that there is more to life than a collection of parts and individuals. Metaphysical researchers attempt to explain the first incidences of things, how knowing, being and identity ever came into existenceTogether, they rest on the notion that life is not a disconnected thing and aim to define and understand the nature of reality and what truly exists.

Sacred Sites explores these fields by revisiting the sacred spaces worshipped by our earliest ancestors, preserving and protecting them whilst using them to work towards a greater understanding of life. If you would like to visit some of these incredible places, you can do so on guided walks