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Follow this Golden Songline. 5 Adventures over 5 Years with Dean Liprini

This first Golden Circle Songline flows from South Africa – Sacred Earth Mother Vagina/Womb “Boesmans Gat” near Kuruman to Namibia’s Brandberg Sacred Crystal Mountain. Then it’s on to the USA, Hawaii, Solomon Islands, Australia and finally back to South Africa … read more.

Golden Songline – Namibia & Botswana – September 10th to 25th 2019

Understanding the interconnectedness of all things,
we follow the Songlines of Mother Africa and Her People.

A 16-day experience with Dean Liprini that will transform the way you perceive yourself and the world around you.

Come explore the nature and spirit of Mama Africa, as we tune-in to a Healing Golden Songline that flows around Mother Earth and connects Africa, the USA, Solomon Islands and Australia  then back to Africa, through sacred sites and energy points.

We begin our journey on the west coast of Namibia, where the desert dunes meet the sea. We then travel east, visiting the powerful and sacred Spitzkoppe and Erongo Mountains, connecting with the shamanicrock art of the Brandberg Crystal Mountain. We continue along this energy line into  the great Etosha Pan Nature Reserve, ammersing ourselves with the spirit of the Animals and end our journey bush camping  in BotswanaTsodilo Hills and Equinox ceremony at the Serpent Cave.

As a dynamic group we explore the energies, wisdom and memories this unifying golden songline holds.  We will lay down new templates and foundations for ourselves, humanity and our mother earth, through intention and ceremony, adding strength to this healing songline. Also sharing authentic meetings and interactions with the land, animals and indigenous communities, including the San Bushman of Tsumkwe, Namibia and Tsodilo Hills, Botswana and the Himba, Damara, Ovambo and Herero people of Namibia.

As we co-create this journey together, there will be time for solitude to allow for integration, self exploration, and meditation. Should you hear this call, please join us on an adventure of a lifetime, a journey deep into the antiquity of the human spirit.

Cost $5,500 USD – Single Supplement or $4700USD  – Sharing

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Includes two International flights to Namibia and from Botswana


This special tour is limited to 12 attendees.
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Sept. 10th

Early morning flight to Windhoek, we travel 1hr 50min with our Overlander vehicle to Wessenfels Guest farm, to experience possibly the only large labyrinth in all Namibia….and it will be our first energetic plug in to the Unified Golden Songline…a time to deepen our state of awareness, breath and let go and unnecessary baggage, or anything that may be troubling us, through a powerful meditative walk of the Labyrinth in the vast undisturbed beauty of Namibia.

We visit some bushman painting nearby in the Gamsberg and our first Namibian Sunset mediation.

We spend a magical night under the stars as we share our tales with each other …story telling by Dean of the early Bushman tales and their connections to the stars. The guest farm has its own Vortex Wellness center, those who wish can also arrange a Reiki | Scio Analysis | Rife Energetic Balancing | Aroma Bubble Bath!! 

Sept 11th  – Atlantic Ocean

After a leisurely morning and free time to ride horses or get some bodywork. After lunch we drive 3hrs 45 min to Swakopmund to greet the Atlantic ocean on the west coast of Africa and have a sunset circle dance and meditation…perhaps some of us will jump in for a sea cleansing! Overnight Swkopmund. 

Sept 12th /13th – The Majestic and Sacred Spitzkoppe Mountains Full moon growing

We take a 2hr 30min route all along the wild coastline where desert and dunes and ocean meet..time to stop get out swim meditate. The Spitzkoppe Camp is one of Namibia’s better run community camps. The campsites are well spread out around the Spitzkoppe Mountain, each site has its own unique charm. The Spitzkoppe (sharp head), one of Namibia’s most recognizable landmarks, known also as the Matterhorn of Africa. Camping is by far the best way to experience the Spitzkoppe Mountains, all around are crystals, scattered on and around the mountain. We can also support the local community by buying raw crystals, and hiring them as our guides. During our two days here, we spend the middle of the day relaxing at the camp and the mornings and evening sunset visiting the sacred shelters and bushman paintings of this sacred mountain. . We are here on the Full Moon We are here to connect again with the golden healing songline that flows through this special place…searching deep within for the woundings we carry individually and collectively, by acknowledging these inner wounds we can find healing within us a strengthening of our inner core becoming more centered and conscious of the ebb and flow of polarity within in us and all around us, and so unifying this consciousness within us and adding to the volume of the unified golden songline, expanding its potential for others. We will experience some of the most Magical sunsets and sunrises, with the awesome backdrop of the Spitzkoppe mountain and story telling around the fire. This will be a Full Moon we will remember deep in our souls!

Sept 14th   Erongo Mountains  

Only 1 hour away from the Spitzkoppe is the volcanic crater of the Erongo Mountains. This energetic vortex is another acupuncture point to tap deep into the golden songline..we allow ourselves to feel more into our core our center and intention. In the late afternoon we venture out for a 3 hr walk visiting the rock art sites and being led to a magical and energetic sunset spot, for a meditation and seeding of our unified intention into the Golden songline . Dinner at the restaurant and bushman bar!

Sept 15th /16th   The Brandberg Lodge is ideally situated for visitors who want to explore the Brandberg, Namibia’s highest mountain. 

I was led here in 2016 to a central energy nadis it is here where we will do our most powerful connection to the Golden songline , sending it out from this the highest crystaline mountain in Namibia across the Atlantic to North America that enters near New York and traverses to the top of Mount Shasta in the west. 

It is also here we will start to connect with the beautiful Himba people and share some authentic connections and moments with these special people.

The Brandberg “burning mountain” offers one of the richest collections of rock paintings in the world. Drawn on rock faces and overhangs, in caves and on boulders by San shamans, “it is Africa’s biggest open-air art gallery. The famous White Lady rock painting is amazing! A figure displays the physical characteristics of a male carrying a bow and arrows in one hand, and what appears to be a wine glass in the other. Its hair is straight and light-coloured – not very African at all! – and the body is painted white from the chest down. The rest of the painting depicts other women in a bizarre hunting ritual, and one of them has skewered a small animal – an antelope with gemsbok horns and striped legs. Another figure, a shaman, is holding a bunch of carrots in his left hand, and he’s prodding the white figure with a stick in his other! The White Lady is reliably believed to be around 16,000 years old.’

We have two days to amerce ourselves in the energies of this powerful Earth Nadis.

Sept 17th & 18th Etosha National Park – Okaukuejo Camp

A journey to Namibia is not complete without visiting Etosha Pan

“The main attraction of Okaukuejo is that it overlooks a permanent waterhole, which is floodlit at night. Here a wide diversity of Namibian wildlife congregates and interacts. The spectacle starts at dawn, with animals coming in large numbers to quench their thirst. The excitement continues throughout the day and deep into the night. In the early evenings, it is not uncommon to have black rhinoceros, elephant and lion, all drinking at the same time.” 

This is one of the best wild life experiences in all Namibia. We treat ourselves to two nights amercing into the spirit of the animals and a trance cultural experience we will hold deep in our hearts.

Sept 19th & 20th

We drive all the way along the Etosha Pan from East to west experiencing the nature in all her glory a long but incredible drive we arrive Tsumkwe Lodge . At  Tsumkwe Lodge we will not only be able to experience the ancient and unique culture of the Ju/’hoansi, bushman, but will also be contributing to the improved livelihoods of the local San community. 100% of profits generated by the TUCSIN Tsumkwe Lodge fund local projects in education, income generation, training, cultural preservation and more.

I met the community here also in 2016 the living was one of the highlights of my life…to be in and around these amazing beings of light and joy..I know this will be a transformative and highly energetically charged experience for us all! Here you will learn about their extraordinary hunting skills, and plants used in traditional medicines at this authentic, Bushmen village. Here we see, feel and remember what a happy, healthy inner and outer family is.

Sept 21st 22nd 23rd  24th 25th Tsodilo Hills

Tsodilo Hills is the only and  highest mountain in Botswana  and most sacred of places to the Early Kung Bushman and possibly also home to some even earlier ancestors namely Homo Naledi.

The three sacred Mountains Abba Ama Ana, Father Mother and child mountains.

The sacred Serpent Cave  a 27 ft Rock shaped like a python snake a conduit to the stars.

We are met by our friends and guides from Botswana, Ronnie and Kim Travel 6 hrs to Tsodilo Hills our home camp for 4 nights, at this time of balance the Spring Equinox. We meet Kuntai our old friend and local guide, the elder of his village and was the last to live on Tsodilo Hills with his family. We visit the great Gaurdian on the Father Abba Mountain…for an amazing solar alignment to the Equinox sunset…this is an important part of our journey and recording this for my own research most exciting! Time to take meditative walks, story telling with Ronny and Kuntai, Visiting his family and community…Exploring more of Tsodilo..I will take everyone deeper into the mystical and star connections with the shamanic rock art and engravings, The lion, the serpent cave, time to deepen our intuitive knowledge and expand state of awareness. Magical fireside evenings chilled mornings and late afternoon walks and experiences at this powerful time of balance the Spring Equinox…we find ourselves a deep heart centered  equilibrium within us…we are centered we are strong!



Sept. 25th

Fly back to JNB 3 days to intergrate before setting our new intention loud and clear for the new moon on the 28th

An Optional add on 3-5 days with Michael at Stone Circle $250 USD per day 

The Golden Songline

This first Golden Circle Songline flows from SOUTH AFRICA – Sacred Earth Mother Vagina/Womb near Kuruman  to NAMIBIA – Brandberg Sacred Crystal Mountain to – USA  New York – Hudson Bay,Staten Island – Great Lakes – Black Mountain to Mount Shasta to –HAWAII –  Mokumana Island to – SOLOMONS ISLANDS – AUSTRALIA, Ayers Rock Uluru to Sugar Loaf Mountain then completing the Golden Songline Circle, Back to Africa, SOUTH AFRICA/TRANSKEI – Magwa Falls and back to the Sacred Earth Mother Vagina/Womb near Kuruman. 

Follow this Golden Songline.. 5 Adventures over 5 Years with Dean Liprini – Sacred Sites Researcher, Geomancer and Author 

Namibia & Botswana

September  2019 – Unifying with the Golden  Songline in Namibia

Although I have worked and taken some people and groups  to one anchorage point the Great Sacred Feminine, Vagina/Womb of Mother Africa, known as “Bushmans Hole/Gat” near Kuruman, I am now called to follow this Golden Songline around the globe over a number of years? The first Songline I plan to follow, flows from the Earth Mothers womb/vagina, (that is the deepest inland water source a sink hole that mimics the vagina and birth canal.) in a North Westerly Direction across Namibia  the main Nadis being the sacred Crystal Brandberg Mountain..also the Spitzkoppe and Erongo Mountains, this will be at the time of the full moon. We will also visit the sacred Tsodilo Hills and Serpent Cave in Botswana (see full journey


September  2020 – Unifying with the Golden  Songline in USA 

From there the Golden Songline travels across the Atlantic to land in North America just south of New York…entering the Hudson River Mouth it then traverses North America to the great lakes through Michigan to Black Mountain heading for the Big masculine Mount Shasta. So singing out of the Womb of  Africa (Big Sacred Feminine) across to North America and the Big Sacred Masculine energy point/nadis of Mount Shasta.


September 2021 – Unifying with the Golden  Songline in Hawaii

Leaving Mount Shasta the golden songline slips into the pacific ocean heading for the Northern islands of Hawai,  Mokumana ( a small ceremonial island, with standing stones ancient petroglyphs)  Nihoa ( bird island, Moku Manu) ,Kauai, Ni’ihau. The healing songline crosses this massive volcanic ridge that forms all the islands we will be engaging with the Northermost islands, closest to where the songline passes ( the songline itself is approx. 100 miles wide) especially the sacred ceremonial island Mokumana 

Solomons Island & Australia

September 2022 – Unifying with the Golden  Songline in Solomons Island & Australia 

After leaving Hawaii the Golden Songline continues to flow around the earth and southwards crossing the Solomon islands, at  Kikutsuki, Dolphin Killer Island? Nggela island, then to Queensland Coral and Diamond Islands reaching Australia’s mainland near Townsville and Mount Abbot. The songline traverses Australia from the SE to NW we will also visit Lake Ayre and Uluru – Ayers Rock,  the songline exits Western Australian coast at Sugar Loaf Mountain…the places and people we need to visit will become clearer closer to the time.

South Africa

September 2022 – Unifying with the Golden  Songline in South Africa

When the Songline leaves western Australia, it crosses the Indian ocean in a North westerly direction, back to Africa, to complete the Golden Circle of healing…it Reaches the Eastern Wild Coast of Magwa Falls 2nd highest falls in Africa, here we will visit the powerful energy centers of Hole in The wall and Lusikisiki, following the rope back to where I began, the Great Sacred Feminine, Vagina/Womb of Mother Africa, known as “Bushmans Hole/Gat” near Kuruman..