Die Oog and the Great Motherstone are some of the windows that connect us to our primordial and spiritual past!

The preservation of culturally and spiritually significant Southern African archaeological, geographical and communal sites is also the preservation of what inexorably links all humanity together.

The Sacred Sites Foundation, with archaeoastronomical researcher and author Dean Liprini at the helm, are ensuring that our diverse heritage sites, and the communities ancestrally linked to them, remain protected and honoured so that future generations may continue to learn from this spiritual connection to a culture much older than ours.

The Sacred Sites’ mission is also the celebration of our incredibly diverse cultural and historical landscape and our intangible connection to these revered entities. Such as the 70, 00-year-old spiritual gathering site of the Bushman-San peoples in the Tsodilo Hills to the largest fresh-water source in the southern hemisphere – Die Oog. Learn about the ancient ‘all seeing eye” stone that marks the Solar Plexus energy centre of the cape or the hidden and ancient fertility rites that are associated with the Great Motherstone in Llandudo.

Your donations and the funding received from our day trips to the incredible annual tours in collaboration with scientists, archaeologists, anthropologists and metaphysical experts that will provide the most immerse experience of your life, go towards the conservation and community job creation programs!