Ancient land marks became observatories for modern archeo-astronomy discovery.

Historically and metaphysically celestial bodies served as a guide for great events and discoveries in societies and science. Dean Liprini’s research through the Sacred Sites foundation supports this statement. African civilization lacks records as compared to other continents. However, discovering the connection of the natives with the sun and the moon was through extensive research.

The 28-year research have led to a great historic discovery which revealed the intelligence of the ancient southern Africans. However, this led to the realization and the requirement of more research to unearth megalithic structures which remained in prohibited land. The already recovered and mapped megalithic structures cover the area of 800 kilometres.

Sun Pathway:

During a certain season, the sun may be seen to makes an arc-like path it follows in the sky during the earth moves and revolves around the sun. This phenomenon is the sun path. An archeo-astronomy discovery shed a light into the spirituality of the ancient inhabitants of southern Africa. Moreover, this discovery was the network of geometrically aligned Solar and Lunar observatories across the southern tip of Africa.

Mapping out of the grid network showed the sun’s pathway at sunrise and sunset during the solstice and equinox. It would seem that the sun follows three straight light paths as the earth orbits the sun. These explorations and discoveries were observed on landmarks that serve as an observatory marked by the ancient people. These observatories were where one could watch the sunset and sunrise.


There are more networks of megalithic observatories to monitor the movement of the celestial bodies and map out the sun’s path as the season change. The human profile marks observatories aligning with the ability to watch the sunrise and sunset. The human head and profile form part of the observatories alignment.

Understanding observatories:

The megalithic structures, profiles and the marker rocks align in such a way that allows detailed observation of the sun, the moon and the stars using scientific related matter or qualities. These may include light, shadow, refraction and so on.

Some of the alignments of the profiles cast a duplicate shadow on markers stones, cup marks. The movement of the sun and the moon is monitored by the profile’s eye-socket by filling with water.  The water reflects and refracts the light of the sun, moon and stars. The geological feature such as the fault, rock type also has the influence of the electromagnetic.

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